Retaining customers during tough times

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Retaining customers during tough times

Retaining customers during tough times

Whatever the business, success is based on winning custom. The product or service needs to stand out amongst the competition and make the buyer want to keep coming back for more. Independent garages are no different. But when times are tough, as they are for so many drivers today, the customer journey becomes even more important.


To some degree, the automotive aftermarket has some protection from the effects of an economic downturn. People still need to travel, and, in most cases, this means a reliance on their cars.


For a vehicle to stay roadworthy, it has to be maintained. Automotive technicians are, of course, needed to do this. However, it would be foolish to assume immunity. Some drivers may decide to give up their car or use it less. That could mean fewer jobs for the diary. Some may try to tackle basic maintenance tasks themselves, rather than seek an expert to fix it for them.


To help maximise custom and, therefore, revenue, independent garages need to be using every tool in the box to secure jobs and retain customers.


As simple as it may sound, being the very best version of your business will go a long way to maintaining a steady stream of work. Keep wait times short, customer service levels high, repair rates reasonable and execute the work to a good standard. Many garage relationships are built and trust and confidence. If you give no reason for a customer to look elsewhere, you’re more likely to retain them moving forward.


Customer incentives, such as deals, discounts and finance programmes will also make your business more attractive when customers’ financial belts are being squeezed. Eurorepar Car Service regularly has a number of discounts available for member centres to pass on to its customers. At the time of publication (January 2023), drivers can benefit from a ‘Buy one, get one free’ deal on Eurorepar Reliance tyres.


Our Drive Now, Pay Later scheme also allows customers of member centres to spread the cost of their repairs, helping them to keep moving despite the cost.


If you run an independent garage, don’t get caught out. Make sure you’re flexible to the times and prepare your business for any changes to customer demand.