The three services you should upsell as summer arrives

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The three services you should upsell as summer arrives

The three services you should upsell as summer arrives

There’s little better than having a car that’s ready for summer. Drivers will be relying on service centres to keep their vehicles in tip-top condition in anticipation of holidays and road trips to coincide with the (hopefully) warm weather. With this in mind, now’s the time to get on the front foot and upsell these three core services.


Air Conditioning checks and servicing

There’s nothing worse than getting into a car on a day of sweltering heat – especially if the air conditioning is faulty or requires re-gassing. Even so, it’s easy for drivers to forget about the importance of regular air-con maintenance. These days, they’re mostly standard in cars, so it’s a revenue-generating opportunity that simply can’t be missed.


It’s important that all elements of the system are maintained, whether it’s the compressor, the condenser, or the evaporator. Even in winter, air conditioning can have its fair share of uses as part of the climate control mix.


Routine Servicing

The recommendation that cars should be serviced either every 12 months, or after covering a manufacturer-determined number of miles, can easily be brushed under the carpet. By ignoring recommended service intervals, drivers are at increased risk of causing damage and could reduce the resale value of their cars.


By advising customers to book their routine service in advance, you’ll not only maximise your earning potential across every type of servicing that you offer, but you’ll also give them the peace of mind that their vehicle is fit for their trips ahead.



Easily the most crucial vehicle health assessment for motorists, MOTs are just as important in the summer as they are throughout the rest of the year. Many motorists find themselves caught out by limited availability when their MOT is due, as a result of busy diaries and by leaving it to the very last minute.


By encouraging customers to book their MOTs in advance, you’ll be able to better manage your diary and maximise the number of customers you can see.