Why garages should bridge the knowledge gap

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Why garages should bridge the knowledge gap

Why garages should bridge the knowledge gap

It’s easy to assume that people generally understand the basics of car repairs and maintenance. But industry data suggests that, in fact, the motor trade might be missing a trick when it comes to educating customers about the importance of vehicle upkeep. As the cost-of-living crisis takes its toll, customers are likely to turn down additional work without good reasoning. That’s where customer education comes in.


Garages across the nation are continuing to suffer the impacts of a shrinking economy. Customers are under pressure to be more cautious with spending, which can often lead them to settle on the cheapest outcome. Data gathered by automotive aftermarket specialist, GiPA, reveals that 48% of independent garages have seen customers refuse MOT advisory jobs. What’s even more alarming is that 36% of garages reported that essential jobs are also being refused.


By educating customers about the importance of product quality, preventative maintenance and the availability of flexible payment options, garages have a better chance of capitalising on opportunities for additional work.


In the hope of reversing the trend of customers turning down repair work, Eurorepar is encouraging garages to put education at the forefront of customer service. Explaining the benefits of preventative maintenance and early diagnosis will not only ensure that vehicles are as safe as they can be but will also contribute to lower overall driving costs.


But customer education doesn’t just have to relate to the technical side of things; it could simply be making them aware of flexible payment options that could help ease the financial strain of a repair. Customers of Eurorepar centres, for instance, can spread the cost of their repairs through the Drive Now, Pay Later scheme, helping them to keep moving despite the cost.


Whether it’s through honest advice, recommendations, or handy tips to keep in mind, your customers and the wider community will appreciate your professional guidance to better inform their decisions. Members of the Eurorepar Car Service network receive discounted access to our partner training provider, The Performance Academy. This equips centres with an up-to-date understanding of a variety of topics across more than 60 modules, including the soft service skills used when educating customers.