3 more services garages should upsell as summer arrives

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3 more services garages should upsell as summer arrives

3 more services garages should upsell as summer arrives

Carrying on our pre-summer blog series, we’re taking a look at three further opportunities to generate additional revenue for your garage as the warmer months approach.


Wheel alignment checks


Summer is often described as the season of road trips, meaning that motorists will likely embark on longer journeys. Many drivers will have the foresight to get their tyres checked before embarking on a summer road trip, but far fewer understand the importance of correct wheel alignment.


Not only can correct wheel alignment improve the safety of a customer’s vehicle, but it can also extend their tyre life, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance their overall driving experience. Explaining these benefits to a customer gives you the opportunity to demonstrate expertise and a commitment to comprehensive vehicle care. It also enables you to position yourself as proactive and focused on customer safety.


Battery testing


Garage owners should consider upselling battery testing to their customers at this time of year for several reasons, not least because it showcases expertise and a focus on proactive maintenance.


Many customers will be unaware of the potential costs and inconvenience associated with battery failure. Assessing a battery’s health before a busy summer of road trips can help identify any potential issues, saving customers time and money in the long run. It can also ensure that customers are getting the maximum out of their vehicle, as a weak or dying battery can negatively impact the car’s performance.




Last but certainly not least, summer inspections are another method of maximising your earning potential, providing a golden opportunity to run a promotional offer or campaign.


By promoting summer vehicle inspections, you’ll be able to identify any immediate or potential safety issues before they become more serious, dangerous, and expensive to repair, building customer loyalty and increasing your chances of getting word of mouth recommendations.


Draw up a list of critical safety checks that you can include as part of the ‘inspection package’ and consider promoting it to your local community via social media and more traditional marketing methods.