How branding can bolster your business

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How branding can bolster your business

How branding can bolster your business

What do your go-to supermarket, favourite restaurant chain and local petrol station all have in common? The answer is top-tier branding. A successful brand is more than a nice logo and a catchy slogan, however. It represents consumer trust, confidence and a clear understanding of what your product or service stands for.


The principle isn’t limited to high-street shops and eateries. Good branding is of huge importance to any business, not least the automotive aftermarket. The issue is, all too often, garages struggle to appreciate its importance.


Many service centres will leverage their reputation, built over a number of years, in place of strong branding. There’s nothing wrong with using recommendations as a means of promoting your businesses. In fact, it’s something we would openly encourage. But it shouldn’t be the sole means of attracting new business.


In today’s connected world, where motorists rely more than ever on the internet and social media to find a local business, great branding is crucial. A potential customer will all too often come to a snap decision on a business based on its overall presentation.


Consistency lies at the core of a successful brand. Use the same logos, colours and fonts in signage, across your website and social media, as well as on printed materials. Doing so generates a perception of professionalism. You’ll also want to use a consistent tone of voice in your marketing materials. It’s not necessarily about being the best wordsmith, but if you’re unsure, seek advice and support.


One of the major benefits of joining an independent garage network, such as Eurorepar Car Service, is that you can capitalise on their marketing expertise. They can provide signage, branded products, optimised promotional content and assets – all of which can help to maximise your business’ attractiveness to potential customers. What’s more, you’ll be buying into a national brand that customers may be more likely to seek out in a crowded local market.


If you run an independent garage and you aren’t making the most of your brand, now is the time to make a change.