Three ways to maximise your goal setting in 2023

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Three ways to maximise your goal setting in 2023

Three ways to maximise your goal setting in 2023

It’s often said that the most successful people and companies are those that are ‘goals oriented’. Behind the buzzwords, there is some solid rationale: if you don’t know what your objectives are – what you’re aiming for – how can you move forward and measure progress?


The start of a new year in business should always bring fresh hope and optimism, making it a perfect time to take stock and set goals for the year ahead. It can be a hugely beneficial exercise for everyone in the garage, providing a long-term vision to work towards, as well as motivation in the short term.


Garages in the Eurorepar Car Service network are encouraged to undertake a process of goal setting at least once every year. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of the process:


1. Your goals need to be grounded in reality. We all have dreams, but your goals should be SMART:

  • Specific – don’t be vague. Make sure your goals are precise
  • Measurable – think about how you will quantify your goals and measure progress
  • Attainable – are these goals actually within your control?
  • Realistic – your goals should be challenging, but possible
  • Timely – keep your goals focused by setting timelines

2. Don’t just focus on ‘big picture’ goals

There’s clearly nothing wrong with having an overarching vision or goal for the year. It gives staff a common purpose and something to collectively strive for. However, drilling down into more specific, focused goals is often what’s needed to really drive progress.

With that in mind, think about all the elements that go into achieving your ‘big picture’ objectives and set smaller goals for each element. For instance, you might divide your goals into categories such as financial, operational, staff, and personal. Here are some things to weigh up when considering your goals:

Financial – do you want to generate more revenue? Do you want to improve your margins? Do you want to reduce costs? What financial KPIs should you set?

Operational – how can you run a more efficient operation and increase the productivity of your staff? Have a look at every service and process in your business – how could they be improved? Is your marketing effective? Would the business benefit from new software solutions or investment in technology?

Staff – is everyone on the team motivated and working to their full potential? Are there certain skillsets that are lacking? Is there strong communication throughout the team? Think about setting goals with individual team members to make them feel valued.

Personal – take a look in the mirror! How are you performing and what could you do better?

3. Do what works for you. Goal setting doesn’t need to be a hugely formal or complicated exercise. Some people prefer it to be a very straightforward process – and for smaller operations this can be all that’s needed. For others, goal setting involves a substantial investment of time and effort. Find something that works for you and your business. The important thing is that you actually do it!

Goal setting is part and parcel of good business practice. It’s not rocket science, and certainly doesn’t need to be daunting, so make sure it’s part of your planning for 2023 and set yourself on the path to success.