Top 3 ways to upskill your team in the age of technological advancements

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Top 3 ways to upskill your team in the age of technological advancements

Top 3 ways to upskill your team in the age of technological advancements

There’s no question that the automotive industry is evolving. With new technologies almost constantly arriving on the scene, it’s important that technicians are aware of the latest developments.


Here are three ways that you can make sure that you are upskilling your team.


Introduce continuous technical training


Naturally, regular technical training is one of the most important elements of the upskilling process. For garage owners, keeping your technicians up to date with the industry’s latest technologies (both hands-on and digital), is vital if you want to seek and retain custom.


Eurorepar Car Service, for example, provides its member centres with access to a range of training programmes, including EV training and certification.


Invest in modern technology and tools


The rise in EVs is another reason why garages need to have the right tools and skills to broaden their maintenance capabilities.


By making sure that your garage is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools, you’ll be able to detect and fix problems much more efficiently. The same goes for using modern garage management software, which can enhance not just your operations, but your customer service, too.


Encourage a culture of learning


Peer-to-peer learning shouldn’t be underestimated, either between colleagues or through professional networking.  If one of your team members has recently participated in a training course, try and encourage them to share their feedback with the rest of the team.


If time allows, you and your team could consider visiting industry events and trade shows, and read sector-specific media. They’re perfect for getting a first-hand insight into the sector’s latest trends and technologies. Industry events are also one of the best places to network and share ideas with other like-minded professionals. As a good starting point, we’d recommend adding Automechanika to your calendar – it’s one of the UK’s most popular aftermarket trade exhibitions.