Reasons to visit your local independent garage this year

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Reasons to visit your local independent garage this year

Reasons to visit your local independent garage this year

Do you ever wonder where’s best to take your car when it needs attention? Here are four reasons why a trip to your local independent garage could be your best bet in 2023.



If there’s one thing that local garages can offer, it’s convenience. Unless you live in a remote location, it’s unlikely that you’ll be more than a five- or 10-minute drive to your nearest independent workshop.


By taking your car into your local garage, you can also take advantage of shorter waiting times, flexibility outside of normal working hours, discounts and promotions, and flexible payment methods. These benefits are all in place to make it more convenient for you, the customer.


Customer Service

If good customer service plays a part in your decisions, then look no further than your local garage. These businesses live and die on their ability to attract and retain local custom, and this generally results in high levels of customer service and a more friendly, personal approach.


Value-added service is also a common theme with independent garage. You’ll find that a good relationship with your local garage can often score you free recommendations and advice, or even a discounted rate when you become one of their ‘regulars’.


Great value

Value for money is yet another reason to visit your local independent garage. Because independent garages are so reliant on repeat custom and building their reputation in the local community, they have to be mindful of price. If you think that garages are out to ‘rip you off’ – think again!


Remember, you’re not just paying for an honest examination of your car, but you’re also paying for the exceptional customer service that will keep you coming back time and time again.


Supporting local business

Each time you visit your local garage, you are supporting a local business and investing in the local economy. It’s no secret that small, independent businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, with many continuing to suffer the effects. In the same way that you might support your local pub or café, think of your local garage as a stalwart of the community that cannot be taken for granted.


Why not pay your local garage a visit this year and see for yourself why so many motorists rely on their local independent specialist for car repair and maintenance.