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Car Exhaust Repair & Fitting

The exhaust is an essential part of your vehicle. It undergoes strong thermal and mechanical stresses during its lifespan. High temperatures and acidic exhaust fumes attack the internal wall of the exhaust system. External corrosion and rust can be caused by rain and dirt on the underside of your car or van. Older exhausts can also come loose from their supports over time due to vibrations caused by driving.

It's vital to have your vehicle checked regularly by a trained technician for signs you need an exhaust repair. Any damage to your exhaust could cause your emissions to increase, which would result in an MOT failure.

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Advice Eurorepar Car Service

  • When washing your vehicle with a pressure washer, avoid spraying water directly into the exhaust.

  • Your exhaust has a limited life and will naturally degrade over time.

  • If you smell exhaust fumes inside the cockpit, one of the components of your exhaust system could have come loose causing a leak. Exhaust fumes are toxic, so it’s important that you get this checked urgently by a trained professional.

  • If your exhaust system is in poor condition, in particular the catalytic converter and particulate filter, your fuel consumption and emissions can increase dramatically.

Your questions

There could be a problem with the catalytic converter or the lambda sensor. The lambda sensor is located in the exhaust system and allows the engine to control the ratio of air and fuel. When this sensor is damaged, the signal to the engine fails. This sends the vehicle into a limp mode, which generally prevents the vehicle from going over 40 mph.

If the catalytic converter is damaged on the other hand, harmful gases are not transformed correctly. Again, a signal is sent to the engine, switching it to limp mode.

In either case, call your local Eurorepar Car Service Centre who will be able to diagnose the issue and suggest a solution.