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Car Shock Absorbers & Suspension

Your van or car suspension system is complex and relies on many components. Over time, springs can become damaged and shock absorbers can become worn out.

It's vital to have regular suspension checks and replacements to maintain the condition of your car or van and ensure comfort and stability when you are driving.

Noticed any change in your vehicle’s handling or road-holding ability? Let an expert at Eurorepar check your suspension for any damage, leaks or wear.

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Advice Eurorepar Car Service

  • A simple visual check is all that is needed to detect a leak from a shock absorber.

  • Shock absorbers that are heavily worn can put additional pressure on your tyres which can in turn cause them to wear prematurely. If you notice that your tyres have worn down very quickly, ask a trained technician to check your shock absorbers.

Your questions

The most likely answer is that the shock absorbers have been worn or damaged. If working correctly, the shock absorbers would stop any excessive leaning or dipping. While a certain amount of body roll is normal in any car, if you have specifically noticed a change in the way your car is handling, you should always bring your car in for a technician to take a look.

Without your entire suspension system in good working order, your car is likely to be less efficient and more importantly, your safety could be at risk.