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Wiper Blades, Car Bulbs & Fog Lights

When you’re on the road, you need to see and be seen. Wiper blades, headlights, daytime running lights, brake lights, fog lights, and indicators all need to be in good working order to give you the best visibility on the road in all conditions.

Book a vehicle test at Eurorepar and one of our experts will check everything from beam alignment to bulb functionality so that your car or van is road-ready.

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Advice Eurorepar Car Service

  • Wiper blades should be changed once a year, but don’t forget your rear wiper blade too.

  • We would recommend that you should regularly check that all your light are working correctly. Try each light one by one and make sure you check that each is fully illuminated and remains on for a couple of minutes.

  • Make sure you have the right size wiper blades for your car. If you have the wrong size, they won’t work properly. Ask us if you’re not sure.

  • In cold weather, when your windscreen freezes over, wiper blades can freeze in place and stick. If you turn on the wipers before they’ve defrosted, you could damage them. Make sure to defrost your windscreen fully before setting off.

Your questions

Xenon lights are a relatively new development in modern cars. They emit light that’s closer to daylight than halogen lights. This also means they are much more powerful and last much longer than traditional lights.

When they do need replacing, xenon lights use a particular type of bulb. These contain xenon gas, drawing 20,000 volts (compared to 12 volts for a traditional bulb).

One of our technicians will be able to help you replace your xenon bulbs.