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Aircon Repair and Regas & Recharge Service

Much like a refrigerator, your car air conditioning system uses refrigerant gases that are pushed around a circuit, cooling your interior and pushing heat outside. However, your vehicle’s system is far more complex and requires regular maintenance like an aircon re-gas or recharge.

Our technicians will check and repair the compressor, condenser, evaporator and filters in your car or van during an air conditioning repair or service to ensure that everything is in full working order.

Air conditioning is important for your comfort, but also your safety. In winter, aircon heats the cabin and de-mists the windscreen. Automatically controlled systems allow a constant temperature, however cold it is outside. Your aircon also filters out impurities like dust and pollen from your vehicle.

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What is car air conditioning? 


Air conditioning is a complicated internal filtering system that is designed to cool warm air by using refrigerant gas and a compressor. The refrigerant gas is the most crucial part of a car’s air conditioning system, but naturally the system loses about 10-20% of the gas every year – meaning you must refresh the system regularly to keep it working efficiently. 

Why is having working air conditioning in my car important?   

A car without air conditioning is not only annoying and uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous as cars heat up quickly, particularly when temperatures outside start to rise. Being in a hot car can put you at risk of dehydration and even heat stroke.

Especially for children, the elderly and people with compromised health, if you’re planning on going on a road trip with vulnerable people, you’ll want to make sure a technician checks out your vehicle before you go. 

Why is my air conditioning not working in my car?

The air conditioning in your car may stop working for various reasons. Knowing what to look out for can help you work out what you need to do next:

  • A refrigerant leak – leaks can occur when rubber seals and hoses break down over time, allowing the refrigerant to escape. Not only will this break your air conditioning, but if moisture gets inside your car’s cooling system, then a dangerous acidic combination can be created which could corrode you’re A/C system and cause permanent damage. You’ll need to get this fixed quickly so it doesn’t cause more problems for your car. 

  • Damp smell – if the smell of mildew is coming from your air vents, this could be because of a build-up of bacteria and mould. This typically happens in older cars or if you rarely run the aircon.

  • Cooling fans are broken – if your fans are broken, you won’t feel any air coming out of the air conditioning vents. This may be due to a blown fuse, electrical short, or they could have been cracked by debris from the road. This will be a quick fix if you take your car into a mechanic for  air conditioning repair.

  • Compressor issues - your car’s aircon system relies on a compressor to keep the refrigerant moving around. If you don’t use your aircon for long periods or time or if the clutch on the compressor gets stuck, you’ll need a mechanic to take a look at what’s causing the problem. 

  • Smell of gas – this type of smell can indicate an issue with your A/C unit, from dirty air filters to leaks or vents that need to be cleaned. 

  • An electrical problem – failed switches, a blown fuse etc. can all cause your air conditioning to stop working. Often easy to fix, these issues do need to be addressed immediately as they can cause acid build-up which can seriously damage your vehicle.

  • Failed condenser – the condenser is what takes the humid air and turns it cool. If your air conditioning isn’t cooling, it could be a failed condenser. 

How do I fix the AC in my car?

Without fully inspecting the air conditioning system, it’s hard to figure out what the issue is. It’s best to book in with one of our trained specialists so they can review your vehicle and let you know how to fix it. Find a garage near you with our handy garage locator tool

Is a car air conditioning service the same as an aircon re-gas?

A car air conditioning service or aircon re-gas as it’s more commonly known are the same thing. It’s a full check of your vehicle’s system to look for any damages or leaks. A trained specialist will remove the car’s old gas which will also clear out any old moisture and bacteria. They’ll check for any damages and advise you on the repairs needed. They’ll also add new refrigerant gas, specific to your vehicle. As there are several hazards involved, it’s recommended that this process is only completed by a trained mechanic. 

What is aircon re-gassing? 

Re-gassing involves removing the old refrigerant gas from your vehicle’s air conditioning system and replacing it with a new refrigerant to enable your A/C to run cold again. The process typically takes a specialist no longer than an hour to do. 

What happens if I don’t re-gas my AC?

Gradually the air conditioning in your vehicle will become less efficient – making it uncomfortable in hot weather and it’ll take longer to demist in the winter. It’ll be bad for your vehicle in the long run as pipes will likely crack and parts will seize up if the A/C is not used. 

How can I maintain my vehicle’s air conditioning? 

The best way to keep your aircon working is simply by using it all year round. Keep your car in good condition and make sure you get an MOT yearly. Your car won’t have the aircon tested during its annual MOT, so it’s key to book your vehicle in for a specialist aircon service. 

How often should my car’s air conditioning be serviced?

Generally speaking, your vehicle’s air conditioning should be checked every two years. A/C systems are a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s good to get it cleaned out to prevent the build-up from causing further issues.

Can I re-charge my car’s air conditioning myself?

No – a qualified technician needs to service the A/C in your car because of the potential hazards involved.

Advice Eurorepar Car Service

  • Try to use your air conditioning system regularly, at least every couple of weeks. This keeps the system fresh and helps to filter out impurities in the air.

  • You should regularly have your air conditioning refreshed as bacteria can build up in the system, especially if it isn’t used for a while. This can cause bad odours, so think about having the system refreshed every year.

  • When your car has been parked outside in hot weather, make sure to open all doors for a few moments before getting in. This lets the hot air to escape before you turn on the engine and your air conditioning.

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Air conditioning units in cars are surprisingly complex. There could be a few different issues causing the problem. Luckily our trained technicians deal with air conditioning checks on a regular basis and most problems are quick to identify. Come in and talk to us today - find your local Centre